Enjoy The Flexibility: Tips For A Short-Distance Move

Are you needing to move homes unexpectedly? On this blog, discover the advantages of hiring a moving company to assist you with an unexpected move.

Enjoy The Flexibility: Tips For A Short-Distance Move

Enjoy The Flexibility: Tips For A Short-Distance Move

12 January 2023
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Although the distance between a person's old and new homes has been expanding, for decades the most distant median range of a person's move was just 15 miles. That's an average of 15 miles between your old home and your new home, and for a lot of people, a short-distance move (often within the same city or town) is the extent of their moving day. So are these short-distance moves any easier than their long-distance versions?

Pack Early

As soon as your moving date is confirmed, start packing up items that won't be needed before moving day. These items will be miscellaneous but can include some clothing, the lesser-used items in your kitchen cabinets, books, towels, and bedding. Place these in boxes ready for transport.

Get the Keys ASAP

Whether your new home is bought or rented, get the keys in your hand as early as possible. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility when both your old and new home are located in the same city or town. Once you have the keys, start taking those pre-packed boxes to your new home. You can make a few round trips in the evening after work, slowly transferring items from one property to the next, lightening the load before moving day.

Hire Movers

It's not practical to move everything this way, and you'll need help with the larger items. Because you're moving such a short distance, a smaller, locally-owned moving company may be able to give you a better rate. You can even improve this rate if you arrange to move on a weekday.

Scheduling Your Move

Sure, a weekday move will involve taking a day off work, but it should only be a single day (unlike an interstate move, which can be far more time consuming). Demand for moving trucks is lower on weekdays, which is why the fee is often reduced. If possible, take a Friday off work to create a long weekend, allowing you to spend Saturday and Sunday unpacking and arranging everything to your satisfaction. But even with the relative ease of a weekday move, you'll still have to time your move wisely.

Timing Your Move

Make sure the moving truck is packed earlier in the day and has arrived at your new home well before any evening rush hour. Don't forget to consider any schools on the route, since you don't want the truck to get caught up in vehicles doing the school run. 

Moving a shorter distance than many gives you some much-appreciated flexibility with your move, and you should exploit this flexibility to make moving day as relaxed as it can be.

Contact a moving company to learn more. 

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