Tips For Preventing Bed Bug Transfer When You Move

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Tips For Preventing Bed Bug Transfer When You Move

Tips For Preventing Bed Bug Transfer When You Move

13 July 2016
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If you're getting ready to move out of a home in a neighborhood that's struggled with bed bugs, you need to be proactive about your moving process so that you don't carry any along with you. Even if you don't think you have them in your house, taking some precautions as you move can help you prevent transferring those bed bugs to your new home. Here are some tips to help you move without moving the bugs, too.

Moving Truck Fumigation

Whether you're working with a professional mover or packing and moving yourself, one of the most effective ways to ensure that you don't bring bed bugs along is to pack the moving truck and then have the whole thing fumigated. You'll have to pack the truck a couple of days before you're ready to move everything into the new house, though. That gives the fumigation process time to work and kill any bugs that may be there. Most moving companies will work with you to find a pest control company that can offer fumigation if you don't have a preferred company already.

Packing For Fumigation

If you're going to fumigate your moving truck before you unload to your new home, you need to pack things so that the pesticide can do its job. Wrap all of the furniture in heavy plastic before you move it from the house. Then, once it's on the truck, unwrap it. This process ensures that you don't spread any existing bed bugs from the house to the outdoors while still leaving the furniture uncovered for pesticide treatment.

Pack your glass and plastic in boxes, but leave those boxes untaped. Just fold the tops closed until you get them onto the truck, then make sure there are openings for the chemical treatment to reach the inside of the boxes. You can even puncture the boxes with holes on the sides if you want to be sure that you're getting good coverage.

Don't pack plants, prescriptions or toiletries on the truck that's going to be fumigated. The treatment will draw the oxygen out of the air, so it will kill your plants. In addition, you'll risk contamination of your medications. Seal toiletries and medicines in clear plastic until you can be sure that there are no bugs hiding in crevices.

When you're ready to move your mattresses and box springs onto the truck, get some mattress covers from the moving company. Zip the covers over the mattresses and box springs before you remove them from the house. Once they're on the moving truck, you can take the covers off so that the treatment reaches the mattress fabric. 

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