Protect The Ivories: 4 Steps To Safely Store Your Piano

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Protect The Ivories: 4 Steps To Safely Store Your Piano

Protect The Ivories: 4 Steps To Safely Store Your Piano

21 April 2016
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If you're going to be putting your piano in storage, it's important that you take certain precautions. Pianos can suffer significant damage if not handled properly during moving and storage. Here are four steps you should take to ensure your piano is protected against damage while it's in storage.

Begin with the Right Storage Unit

Your piano will need to be kept in a controlled environment during storage. Fluctuations between heat and cold can cause your piano to wear out during storage. Excess moisture can lead to warping. If you're going to be storing your piano in a storage facility, you'll need to choose one that offers climate-controlled units. This will ensure that your piano is stored at a constant temperature and that the moisture is controlled properly.

If you're unable to find a storage unit that has moisture control, be sure to place several desiccant packs inside the piano prior to storage. The desiccant packs will dry up the moisture before it has a chance to damage your piano. You can find desiccant packs at any moving and storage supply store. 

Clean and Cover the Keys

Before you place your piano in storage, you'll need to make sure that the keys are thoroughly cleaned. Dirt, dust and oils can cause damage to the keys. Clean and polish your keys prior to placing your piano in storage. Once the keys are cleaned and polished, place a protective cover over them and then close the lid. This will ensure that the cover stays in place during storage.

Don't Forget the Protective Cover

Once you have the keys cleaned and protected, you'll need to cover the entire piano. Placing a protective cover over your piano will prevent dirt and oils from building up during storage. If you don't have piano covers, you can use a large bedspread or comforter. Place the covering over the piano and secure it around the base. Securing the covering will ensure that it doesn't come loose during transport.

Hire Professional Movers

Piano moving should be left to professional movers, even if you're just moving it into a storage unit. First, pianos are heavy and require special equipment to move them safely. Second, pianos can be damaged if they're not kept level at all times. Protect your piano from harm by hiring professional piano movers to transport your piano to the storage unit.

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